We offer comprehensive Custom DEI Learning Programs, Tailored DEI Learning Sessions, and Train-the-Trainer Programs all tailored to your organization's needs. 

Recognizing that DEI is a continuous learning journey and that one size doesn't fit all in its approach, Nova crafts learning experiences to your organization's unique goals. We collaborate with your team to develop customized curricula and provide data and comms support, building a learning ecosystem that supports sustainable behavior change.

Wherever you are on your DEI journey, Nova can help!

Our Pedagogy


Nova's learning  programs are built on the following structure:

  • Educate: Context-setting content that ensures your whole team is working with the same information and baseline.
  • Engage: Dialogue and experiential exercises - all designed to guide learners to more 'a-ha' moments.
  • Connect: Action-planning and accountability mapping takes the learning outside the classroom and moves it to action.

Participant Feedback

After completing a training session or series with The Nova Collective ...

say facilitators created an environment in which it was okay to be uncomfortable and/or vulnerable.
can explain why diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to their organization's success.
understand the key terms presented in the session or series.
have gained frameworks and tools they can immediately apply.

Our Learning Program Reach


Nova's team has designed and deployed training, research, and strategic programs for over 150 client partners at Fortune 500 companies, municipal agencies, higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations. Our instructor-led training programs and learning content have reached over 350,000 employees worldwide. 


Our Approach

Nova recognizes that just as each learner's experience and perspective on DEI is unique, so too are the learning and organizational needs of each client. Nova offers customized, multimodal learning, high-impact experiences designed to create and sustain behavior change both within and beyond the classroom. We also know the importance of scenario practice. This type of practice provides learners with an opportunity to try on new behaviors in a low-stakes context, and gives them the chance to build muscle memory around new ways of thinking, working, and showing up for their colleagues and staff. 

Session Topics


Nova runs tailored DEI sessions on topics such as:

  • Social Identity & Communicating Across Lines of Difference
  • Understanding & Mitigating Bias
  • Allyship & Bystander Intervention
  • Marketing & Communications Through a Lens of Equity
  • Building Inclusive Leadership
  • DEI for Hiring & Talent Teams
  • Identity Specific Panels & Presentations:
    Black History Month, Women's History Month, Pride, etc.

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