Transforming Organizations Into Inclusive Communities

Strategic Learning, Communications, Implementation & Assessment

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennial, with Gen Z coming quickly behind them.  Leading organizations must evolve to meet the expectations of these generations and develop leaders, practices and cultures that center humanity and org effectiveness in equal measure. That’s where Nova comes in.  

Nova is owned and led by women & people of color. We’re devoted to transforming organizational cultures and creating spaces that are healthy and connected.

What We Do

At Nova, we leverage our Healthy Community Framework to develop and implement complex programs for leading organizations that are committed to staying ahead of the curve on employer branding, employee engagement, and organizational performance.

Our diverse team of multidisciplinary experts create multifaceted change management programs - building strategy, creating content and curriculum, developing branding and communications, managing detailed implementation and providing rigorous measurement.

Nova offers three pathways for our partnerships:

Tailored curriculums and programs

Ongoing support and partnerships

Expertly crafted content for your teams

A variety of tip sheets and guides to increase belonging and Community at your organization.

We Believe

To change behaviors, the work starts from within.

To change behaviors, the work starts from within.

Your workforce needs to understand what we are asking of them and why it matters.

You shouldn't have to do this alone.

You shouldn't have to do this alone.

We believe we need to harness your champions, ambassadors and people leaders to help carry forward these initiatives.

Who's in the room matters.

Who's in the room matters.

Representation is important at all levels. Nova prioritizes representation on our teams, so that we can bring forward a mix of perspectives that ultimately lead to the strongest outcome

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