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Nova offers three pathways for our clients; Learning, Consulting, and Content Tools.

If you’re looking for custom learning programs, tailored workshop sessions, eLearning, or train-the-trainer programs, you’ve come to the right place. Nova's Learning team specializes in building comprehensive training experiences. You need teams with cutting edge skills and agile behaviors, and we know how to shift hearts and minds to get results. We look at learning through a 360 lens, designing a brand, communications strategy, project plan, and metrics structure alongside the workshops and content aligned with your learning objectives. We co-create programs from the ground up with you. And, we have off-the-shelf sessions and content to help your workforce build skills around adaptability, storytelling, effective leadership, and inclusion. 

Think of our team as the engine behind how you make big moves that impact your workforce. We’re ready to tackle the special projects that require rigorous, data-driven planning and thoughtful, strategic implementation. We know how to make an idea a reality, and how to measure the success of those changes once they’re made. Our “always on” model provides access to People Ops, HR, and DEI experts, giving you the flexibility to implement the tools needed depending on the moment's demands.

With Nova's Content tools, your organization leverages its own internal resources. Our Learning and Operational Tools are easily implemented and can be used as a catalyst for your learning and strategic initiatives. These are easily customizable playbooks, designed to support workplaces communities where everyone feels like they can do their best work, because it’s where they belong.

Not sure where to start? We can help, get in touch.

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