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When we know better, we do better. Nova's learning programs unpack the knowledge necessary to build equitable, inclusive workplaces. Whether you need to develop custom DEI learning solutions or empower your teams with off-the-shelf content, we can help.

While every DEI journey is different, we have found that certain core phases typically benefit most with specific initiatives. We call these phases "Setting Your Foundation", "Building Your Momentum", and "Evolving Your Practices". Click below to learn more about each stage and how Nova can help.

Keep in mind that DEI is an ever evolving and continuous journey and that your organization's specific needs are unique. Get in touch to discuss custom solutions for your organization.

Where are you on your DEI Journey?

What We Do

Learning & Development

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In addition to our out of the box Compass content, we provide virtual and in-person programs around topics such as Social Identity & Communicating Across Difference, Bias Awareness & Microaggressions, and Effective Allyship & Bystander Intervention. These programs aren't your average "diversity training", they are targeted professional development workshops that build vital Core Competencies for your workforce.

Research & Data Analysis

Graphic for DEI Analysis, Diversity equity and inclusion analysis for organizations by the Nova Collective, DEI Consultants.

Our research uses a mixed-methods approach that is grounded in the social identity model. Combining quantitative and qualitative methods helps us get a nuanced understanding of experiences at the participating organization. Our team uses rigorous academic standards for conducting research, and we prioritize participant protection and safety above all else.

Strategy & Consulting

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We take a 360 approach to evolving how a business operates, so that we can function as your external DEI department and deliver against your goals. We leverage our Collective to bring subject matter expertise across a range of core functions to deliver initiatives around Annual DEI roadmapping, Strategic Communications Plans, Hiring, Performance Management, Community building, and Policy and Process Audits.

Setting Your Foundation

This is an early, or beginning phase of the DEI journey and aligns with organizations looking to set a groundwork, gain clarity on their mission, and to develop and implement a strategy.

Programs Recommended For This Phase:

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How we work The Nova Collective1

Nova conducts a 360 review of your cultural foundation to hone in on specific recommendations and goals that make sense in your context.  
The Organizational Alignment process includes:

  • Org-wide survey & analysis
  • Executive alignment session
  • Key policy & process audits
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Presentation & implementation planning

DEI Learning Sessions- How we work The Nova Collective2

Curated tailored interactive learning sessions around specific topics such as:

  • Social Identity & Communicating Across Lines of Difference
  • Understanding & Mitigating Bias
  • Allyship & Bystander Intervention
  • Marketing & Communications Through a Lens of Equity
  • Building Inclusive Leadership
  • DEI for Hiring & Talent Teams
  • Identity Specific Panels & Presentations:
  • Black History Month, Women's History Month, Pride, etc.

E-Learning How we work The Nova Collective3

We know the power of DEI Learning: It's the spark to transform company cultures. Our e-learning is designed as character-driven modules that provide ground rules, a clear business case, and interactive digital facilitation to guide learners through key topics that build awareness to spark meaningful behavior change within your workforce. This is a learning tool to create grassroots change, at scale.
Learn More About Our E-Learning Programs here

Leadership Assessment and Alignment How we work The Nova Collective4

Leadership sets the tone of an organization and has a huge impact on a workplace's culture. Nova conducts a full review of your shared vision, mission, and goals to create a unified voice for your leadership team and creates specific recommendations to propel your organization forward.

Organizational Research How we work The Nova Collective5

Our quantitative and qualitative DEI research solutions help you identify opportunities and gaps in order to focus resources where they will have the most impact.
Nova's research capabilities include:

  • Focus Groups
  • Enterprise or stakeholder-side surveys
  • Interviews
  • Assessments
  • Secondary Research

Read Our DEI Research FAQs Here

Building Momentum

DEI strategies and tactics have been implemented and your organization has rolled out key initiatives to pave a path towards your DEI goals. The Building Momentum Phase is ideal for organizations ready to explore the deeper complexities of DEI in relation to their workplace.

Programs Recommended For This Phase:

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Building A Business Case How we work The Nova Collective6

Learn the specifics of what your organization's DEI efforts mean for business. Many studies have shown that investing in DEI can increase an organization's productivity, innovation, and overall revenue among many other outcomes. Nova can help you understand your organization-specific metrics and growth opportunities.

Employee Resource Groups How we work The Nova Collective7

Whether you need support in standing up and developing a charter for ERGs, or you have active groups that need additional infrastructure and guidance, Nova can work with you to build a strong ERG foundation.

Tailored Events and Messaging How we work The Nova Collective8

Positioning your internal teams in the DEI space can be delicate work.  Nova designs and supports Town Hall sessions for leaders who want to improve their communication and transparency, but don't want to necessarily be in the "hot seat". For more nuanced learning sessions, Nova curates panel discussions that include our experts and your internal stakeholders - so we can bring best practices together with organizational objectives.

Hiring and Recruiting How we work The Nova Collective9

For many organizations, wanting to diversify their talent is a no-brainer.  But it is often a goal that is easier said than done.  Nova works with recruiters and hiring managers to evolve processes, provide toolkits and deliver specialized trainings to remove biases from the process and create an affirmative culture where diversity can thrive.

Policy and Process Audit How we work The Nova Collective10

Nova's strategy team will audit your organization's policies, processes and protocols with a lens of equity and inclusion. Nova will provide detailed feedback and recommendations for improving how your organization is codified and bringing your values in line with your policies.

DEI Communications Planning How we work The Nova Collective11

Your organization has a robust DEI program in place and needs support in specific focus areas. There might be a specific product area that needs attention, or a group of leaders who have a unique challenge. Nova continues to support mature programs through highly specialized and tailored initiatives.

Evolving Practices

Your organization has developed a clear understanding their DEI mission, its benefits, and strategies to reach their goals. This phase is suitable for organizations who want to go deeper into the work and increase alignment of their DEI values in all areas of the organization.

Programs Recommended For This Phase:

(click a category to learn more)

Marketing and Communications Audit How we work The Nova Collective12

For any organization with a consumer or public-facing presence, how DEI is woven throughout your materials and marketing can be critical. Nova will conduct a comprehensive marketing & communications audit - evaluating your content through the lens of equity and inclusion. Our team highlights specific shifts and edits, and collates key themes and process updates so that your internal teams can take the work forward with confidence.

Lexicon Guides How we work The Nova Collective13

Nova works with your team to create best practice lexicon guides for communicators, publishers, and content creators. We provide detailed insight into language choices - from specific words to avoid to semantics and structure that promotes equity.

Leadership Coaching How we work The Nova Collective14

Building DEI capacity within leaders is a journey. Nova's Leadership Coaching cadence delivers tailored, confidential, and impactful coaching to leaders, all through the lens of DEI. Our coaches work in individual sessions to develop self-awareness, narrative, humility and accountability around leading from a place of equity and inclusion.

Comms Guidance and Support How we work The Nova Collective15

There is a refreshed expectation that organizations will hold space for world events, and that cultural milestones and celebrations will be authentically acknowledged. For many folks in HR or comms, this is a daunting expectation. Nova can support both "crisis" comms and cultural recognition, so your internal teams don't feel so in over their heads.

Bespoke Program Audits How we work The Nova Collective16

Whether you have a new textbook about Nursing, a curriculum around teacher development, or a script for a primetime sitcom (all things we've done!) - Nova can audit your program or content through a lens of DEI. Not only does our team look for "red flags", they also share framing and context suggestions that elevate the content and position it from a place of equity and inclusion.

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