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What Does Cultural Success Look Like?

A healthy organizational culture shows up in business results and radiates throughout the workforce community. While the stage of cultural success in the workplace looks different for each organization, there are key areas that reflect progress at any stage of cultural growth. Key Areas of Cultural Success:   1. Representation...

Understanding Self-Awareness: Intersections with Dimensions of Diversity

Self-awareness is the foundation of personal and professional development. A key component of self-awareness is understanding the dimensions of diversity within ourselves and in others. We all hold social identities that shape our perspectives and how we move in the world, and these identities are a starting point for the dimensions...

What makes a good leader? DEIB and Effective Leadership

Running an effective team requires both a deep understanding of your work and the ability to connect with people to support their success and growth. Our experiences and identities shape who we are and how we see and navigate the world. Effective leaders know how to harness the power of...

What LGBTQIA Inclusion Means for Your Workplace

Research consistently shows that inclusive workplaces lead to increased job satisfaction, greater innovation, and higher overall productivity. Inclusive workplaces aren’t just about compliance or meeting quotas, it’s about nurturing a healthy workplace people want to be a part of.  How to Support LGBTQIA identities at work Though not separate  from...

Foundations for Allyship: Learning and Unlearning

To begin to understand the concept of allyship as part of diversity, equity, and inclusion work, we must first unlearn allyship as a noun.  Consider this reframe: Allyship is not a destination or a label we can use to define ourselves. Allyship is a journey, and a process by which...

Mr., Ms., Mx. Understanding titles and respecting gender identity

Titles such as Mr. and Ms. have long been embedded in our language, but as society and language evolve, so does our understanding of gender identity. Understanding the importance of using inclusive titles is a cornerstone for communication that honors everyone’s identity and humanity. The Evolving Landscape of Gender Identity:...

Microaggression in the Workplace: Identifying, Understanding, and Disrupting Harmful Words & Actions

Microaggressions often come up in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) conversations - and for good reason. Microaggressions are something that can be said or done that insults marginalized people. It can be a form of unintended discrimination and is often delivered under the guise of a compliment. While it...

“Merry Christmas” and More: A Guide for Inclusive Winter Celebrations

The holiday season can be a time of joy, reflection, and celebration. A workplace that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will navigate holiday festivities through a thoughtful, inclusive lens. Recognizing and honoring the different ways that people celebrate, rest, and recharge in the winter months builds a sense of...

Why Does Diversity in the Workplace Matter?

The most innovative companies know the value of diversity in the workplace. It's not just about meeting quotas or ticking boxes; it's about fostering an inclusive environment that benefits both employees and the organization as a whole. The benefits of diversity in the workplace go beyond creating an inclusive workplace,...
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