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The Sound of Negotiation

“Salary negotiation” isn’t a phrase that’s usually associated with positive vibes. Actually, most people hate it. But maybe we don’t have to.

We know, you’ve probably read every list of tips and tricks for how to “win” a negotiation, but what about how to enjoy it? Maybe salary negotiations just need a re-branding, and also a theme song.

We asked 6 women about their favorite part of negotiating, and what song they’d choose to get pumped up for a negotiation. Here’s what they said, and HERE’s the Spotify playlist to dance your way into negotiating your next raise, deal, or place in line at the grocery store.


NAME: Brittany Drayton

COMPANY/TITLE: VEGA Americas – Inside Sales Manager

FAVORITE PART ABOUT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS: I think my favorite part about salary negotiations is at the end…. It’s HARD to talk about money with anyone, and when you are trying to talk someone into giving you more money, it can be stressful to say the least. The good news is, if you have made it to the point of discussing your salary, the really hard part is over – they want you to come work with them! Do your research, determine what is fair and what you want/need to leave your current situation. The good news is most companies have regular annual increases and/or bonus structure that even if you only get close to what you really want, with some badass skills, you can increase quickly.

HOW TO GET PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH:  Be prepared! Understand what you want and what you aren’t willing to give up, you and your potential employer are both taking a risk, make sure it’s worth it for everyone.

NEGOTIATION THEME SONG: “Fighter”, Christina Aguilera (it’s so embarrassing but true)


NAME: Dr. Brea Banks

COMPANY/TITLE: Licensed Psychologist and University Instructor

FAVORITE PART ABOUT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS: I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to process and reflect on the progress I’ve made professionally, such that I’m in a position where I have the opportunity to engage in salary negotiation. I know that I’ve put in a great deal of work up front to be where I am.

HOW TO GET PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH: When I feel that I’m asking for what I may irrationally define as a ridiculous amount of money, it’s important for me to remember I deserve it and what I’m proposing is not at all outside of the norm!

NEGOTIATION THEME SONG: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, Kanye West


NAME: Dena Quinn

COMPANY/TITLE: Microsoft – Portfolio Manager, GSMO Northeast District, New England R&D, Mid Atlantic Public Sector

FAVORITE PART ABOUT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS: When both sides of the table are satisfied.

HOW TO GET PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH: Showcase your personal brand in the most positive manner that you are capable of.

NEGOTIATION THEME SONG: “She Works Hard for the Money”, Donna Summer


NAMEAnna Z. Daniel

COMPANY/TITLE: American Express – Sr. Manager Client Management

FAVORITE PART ABOUT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS: Feeling like such a badass. Regardless of where the conversation goes, I feel empowered for even bringing up the topic, and inspired by all of the people in my life who have taught me both how to negotiate, and why to negotiate.

HOW TO GET PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH: Do your research and your prep work: know what the going rate for your type of role is, and have clear, tangible examples of your accomplishments.

NEGOTIATION THEME SONG: “Woman Up”, Meghan Trainor


NAMECathy Flowers

COMPANY/TITLE: Vice President – Bank of New York Mellon

FAVORITE PART ABOUT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS: My favorite part about salary negotiations is knowing I will get my desired salary because I’ve mastered the art of it.

HOW TO GET PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH: You must be confident and have the ability to convince the employer of your worth.

NEGOTIATION THEME SONG: “It’s My Time”, Kelly Price


NAMESue Humphreys

COMPANY/TITLE: Equivant – Director, Industry Relations

FAVORITE PART ABOUT SALARY NEGOTIATIONS: The prep part – where my audience (me) is captivated by my every strategic & awesome contribution! These are some of my most passionate and compelling moments; I hear myself describing tasks that might otherwise be overlooked as thrilling, tactical maneuvers that have saved my company from almost-certain ruin.

HOW TO GET PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH: Not sure I’ve ever pulled this off… but one way to feel good anyway is to present what you prep without flinching. Go ahead and extol your own virtues and value. I’m okay with my company getting me “for a steal” as long as they know that I know and am a willing participant (for whatever my reasons might be).

NEGOTIATION THEME SONG: “I Won’t Back Down”, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

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