When we know better, we do better.  Nova’s learning programs unpack the knowledge necessary to build equitable, inclusive workplaces. Whether you need to develop custom DEI learning solutions or empower your teams with off-the-shelf content, we can help.

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Instructor-Led Training

At the heart of every thriving organization is a workforce that is engaged and equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workplace.  Nova’s sessions use social justice pedagogy, with organizational development lens and are tailored to the specific needs of each group.  Our virtual and in-person sessions cover topics such as:

  • Social Identity & Communicating Across Lines of Difference
    This 3 hour session lays the foundation for all of Nova's trainings. Understanding social identities, the role they play in our personal, interpersonal and societal development, is the cornerstone to understanding DEIB work.
  • Understanding & Mitigating Bias
    Biases aren't random and, while we all have them, they aren't always benign. In this session participants unpack biases, where they come from, and offer tools to become more aware of our biases and work to mitigate them.
  • Allyship & Bystander Intervention
    Any person, regardless of their identities, can work towards becoming a better ally. This session distinguishes between intervention and the journey of allyship, and offers tools and practice for building new skills.
  • Marketing & Communications Through a Lens of Equity
    Creating content (internal or external) requires an intentional lens of DEIB. In this session, Communications and Marketing practitioners can apply social identity and multipartiality to their work in content creation and messaging - and work towards more inclusive comms.
  • Building Inclusive Leadership
    Leading teams requires a nuanced understanding of DEI - how to balance the needs of the organization as you navigate a variety of dynamics, identities and perspectives. This session works with leaders to help them build capacity around DEIB dialogue, holding space, and navigating tension.
  • DEI for Hiring & Talent Teams
    This practitioner session is focused on recruiting and hiring teams. Often, these teams are asked to "increase diversity" without specific goals or supports. In this session we will share best practices, talk through specific scenarios, and step through tools that will support the talent teams as they continue to prioritize DEIB.
  • Identity Specific Panels & Presentations:
    Black History Month, Women's History Month, Pride, etc.
  • Nova curates tailored panel discussions and presentations around specific topics.
    These sessions range between 1-2 hours.
  • Context Specific Panel Discussions:
    Managers, Functional Teams, Executives, Board-Level, etc.
  • Similar to above, Nova curates panel discussions that dig deep into context and nuance for specific functional areas within an organization.
    These sessions range between 1-2 hours.

These programs aren’t your typical “diversity training”, they are nuanced and insightful professional development sessions that build capacity and lead to meaningful evolutions.  

Off the shelf Training

Scaling Foundational Learning for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We know the power of DEI Learning: It’s the spark to transform company cultures. Our e-learning is designed as context-driven modules that provide ground rules, a clear business case, and interactive digital facilitation to guide learners through key topics that build awareness to spark meaningful behavior change within your workforce. This is a learning tool to create grassroots change, at scale.

Compass e-Learning
Our Compass e-Learning program lays the foundation for DEI by providing 10 self-paced modules that offer a digital, scalable DEI training experience. Compass is a turnkey solution that is able to adapt to the various needs of an organization.
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Compass Toolkit
Dialogue is the key to unlocking an inclusive workplace. That's why we've created the Compass Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help you activate Ambassadors within your organization and scale dialogue-based training using your internal resources. The toolkit includes 15 video modules focusing on key DEI terms and concepts, 30 behavioral scenarios, 3 bundled discussion guides, and pre and post engagement surveys.

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Any successful change-management initiative has data as a key component, and your DEI strategy is no different. We believe if you can’t measure it, you can’t change it.

Our data and research solutions help leaders make informed decisions about where to focus their efforts to create the most impact.


Your audience will tell you what they need and want, we just have to listen.   Our quantitative and qualitative DEI research solutions help you identify opportunities and gaps in order to focus resources where they will have the most impact.

Nova’s research team comes from an academic background of using mixed-methods research to guide organizational change.

DEI Research FAQs

Our research includes:

  • Focus Groups
  • Enterprise or stakeholder-side surveys
  • Interviews
  • Assessments
  • Secondary Research


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Data Analysis

With the right data at our fingertips, we can create a more effective DEI strategy. Our team will support you in developing actionable plans specific to your organization's needs and goals. 

Our data offerings include:


  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Metrics Development
  • Pay Equity Audits
  • Indexing & Benchmarking


Our multidisciplinary DEI experts will collaborate with your team to build custom solutions suited to your organization's specific needs. No matter where you are on your DEI journey, Nova has the experience, insight and best practices to take the next step.

Organizational Alignment

Any organization that is serious about DEI progress should consider an organizational alignment process. Nova conducts a 360 review of your cultural foundation to hone in on specific recommendations and goals that make sense in your context.  

The Organizational Alignment process includes:


  • Org-wide survey & analysis
  • Executive alignment session
  • Key policy & process audit
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Presentation & implementation planning
DEI Organization Alignment with a DEI lens, Diversity equity and inclusion work for organizations
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Focused Initiatives

We work closely with our client partners to design and implement specific DEI initiatives that are closely aligned with their business goals.

These initiatives often include:

  • MarComm Audits
  • Custom Toolkits & Training Programs
  • Hiring & Recruiting Support
  • ERG Development & Support
  • Leadership Coaching
  • DEI Strategic Communications Plan
  • DEI Business Case Development
  • Supporting and Transitioning DEI Headcount
  • Metrics Dashboard Development
  • Pay Equity Audit
  • Bias Response Protocol

We are in the business of solving client challenges. Whatever you are experiencing, we’d love to hear about it and collaborate with you to do the next right thing.

Membership Model

Our Membership Model provides ongoing support to help your organization continue to navigate the ongoing DEI journey.  Does your organization need DEI experts on-call?  We partner with clients to provide high-touch, relationship-driven support on a monthly basis. 

Our initiatives include:

  • Hiring/Recruiting Toolkit & Training Program
  • DEI Strategic Communications Plan
  • DEI Business Case Development
  • Supporting and Transitioning DEI Headcount
  • Metrics Dashboard Development
  • Pay Equity Audit
  • Bias Response Protocol
  • Employee Resource Group Support
  • Ongoing support, consultation and direction
DEI continued training-membership model for ongoing DEI support
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