It’s all about what is being measured and who is analyzing the data. Measuring engagement is a great way to better understand some general elements of the employee experience--everything from workload to benefits--but it’s simply not designed to capture cultural elements of inclusion, diversity, or equity. There may be some DEI questions included, as most engagement survey vendors understand that this is important to their clients, but the questions are coming from (and being analyzed by) experts in engagement, not experts in DEI. Attempting to measure DEI through an engagement lens has limited utility -- you’ll never see the full picture, and you won’t capture the full breadth of employee experiences. That’s why a specialized DEI survey is important. When you want to measure diversity, equity, and inclusion, you need to use a survey instrument that’s designed for that purpose.   


Similarly, you want your DEI data to be analyzed and interpreted by experts in this field. Researchers who are not only trained in rigorous research methodologies but also specialize in DEI work will be able to spot trends, identify patterns, and amplify employee voices in a way that researchers with other specializations will not. At Nova, we know how to work with both quantitative and qualitative data to ensure employee experiences are heard and honored.