Inclusive Job Descriptions are Better Job Descriptions

As the first touchpoint for potential new employees, a strong job description is mission critical. A great job description not only describes the role, it also represents your organization’s purpose, brand, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Download our free "How To" Tip Sheet below to craft your job description with inclusion in mind.

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At Nova we believe that everyone deserves to work in an inclusive environment where they can thrive. We are a women-owned, BIPOC led business committed to evolving organizational culture and ensuring that everyone has an equitable opportunity to succeed.

Nova supports DEI and People leaders in building equity and attaining genuine change, regardless of where they are on the DEI path. We believe that when we know better, we can do better.

Our "How To" Tip Sheet, Inclusive Job Descriptions are Better Job Descriptions, is an actionable resource to create impactful job descriptions for your organization.

It's time to make a "new normal" in our workplace cultures.

Better Job Descriptions The Nova Collective 1
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