We are not all having the same experience, and we have DEI initiatives and programs for a reason.

Nova leverages Social Identity and Multipartiality in all of our work. Through these frameworks, we are able to center the needs and perspectives of those who are experiencing harm or exclusion.  Everyone has a role to play in the DEI journey, and a social identity lens can personalize and unite the mission for your teams.

We often say we are not a “multi-colored hands in a circle” organization.  We are here to reduce harm, transform cultures and help create environments where everyone can thrive. 

Often, this means navigating the distinction between “being unsafe” and “being uncomfortable”.  Nova’s team works with you to build communications and messaging that invite your audience into this conversation with us, instead of raising defenses.

Our goal is to get everyone into a space where we can learn, grow and flourish together.

Nova's curriculums are tailored to your specific organization's needs and outcome objectives. We are committed to

extending the 'ah-ha' moments beyond a learning moment and connecting the dots on real, tangible behavior change.

Your organization's needs are unique. With that in mind, we offer different approaches to best facilitate your team's specific needs. Such as:

Point In Time Learning

When it comes to professional development, one size does not fit all.

That's why Nova Collective offers customized learning experiences designed to meet your organization's unique needs.

We begin by working with your stakeholders to understand your goals and objectives.

We then create a curriculum that is tailored to your specific needs. And because we know that learning doesn't stop when the workshop ends, we provide post-learning resources and support so that participants can continue to grow and develop long after the session is over.

With Nova Collective, you'll get the customized training you need to help your team reach its full potential.

Strategy & Consulting

Complex challenges require long-term solutions. DEI and supplier diversity initiatives are no different.

We partner with organizations in an "always-on" capacity to navigate real-time DEI challenges and opportunities as they arise. Our model provides access to DEI experts, giving you the flexibility to implement the tools needed depending on the moment's demands.


Leverage your organization's own internal resources by utilizing our toolkits.

Our toolkits are designed to provide flexible, robust learning experiences that your internal teams can easily implement. Our pre-packaged content offers robust learning experiences that can be used in a variety of ways to support your DEI initiatives.


We believe that DEI is a journey. One that ebbs and flows in reflection to what is happening in our society. We believe that when workplaces embrace diversity and thrive for equity and inclusion we all win.

We all deserve to be part of a work community where we are not only able to be ourselves, but are valued and celebrated.

We believe in the necessity of not only safe spaces, but brave spaces for these conversations around DEI.

We believe that when we know better, we do better. And we believe that the only way out is through. Lets get it, together.

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