online diversity training with Nova's Compass eLearning

online diversity training with Nova'sCompass eLearning
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Scaling Foundational Learning for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We know the power of DEI Learning: It’s the spark to transform company cultures. Our e-learning is designed as character-driven modules that provide ground rules, a clear business case, and interactive digital facilitation to guide learners through key topics that build awareness to spark meaningful behavior change within your workforce. This is a learning tool to create grassroots change, at scale.

Online Diversity Training DEI Compass eLearning via Nova Collective

What topics are included?

  • What is Diversity & What is Inclusion?

    Let’s start at the beginning: We’ll myth-bust misconceptions and uncover what these concepts can mean for individuals within your organization.

  • The Impact of D&I

    To build champions for DEI, they will need to understand impact. We provide a framework to discover and define how anyone can have an impact on inclusion and belonging within your organization and engage with the goals you’re collectively working towards.

  • Race & Ethnicity

    The ability to navigate multicultural relationships at work is a vital skill. We’ll build competency around how race and ethnicity can show up in the workplace. We’ll provide skills to recognize and mitigate bias and microaggressions.

  • Multigenerational Workforce

    The generational landscape of the office is quickly transforming. This module dives into the strengths of different generations, and leads to discoveries on how to harness the power of the total workforce.

  • Gender

    We’ll help your workforce develop awareness around gender dynamics and expand beyond the gender binary around topics such as partner leave, remote work flexibility, evaluating office dress code norms, evaluating facilities accommodations for parents, providing equal airtime to people of all gender identities in meetings, and awareness of assumptions around task delegation.
  • Disability

    Understanding the spectrum of Cognitive, Physical, Sensory, Developmental, and Mental Health abilities is a crucial step towards inclusivity. Educate your employees on how different abilities might show up in the workplace, and how to understand and challenge ableist norms.

  • LGBTQ+

    This module provides a baseline for understanding the LGBTQIA+ experience and provides tools to challenge assumptions around hetero-normative standards and behaviors at work.

  • Unconscious Bias

    Get beyond the buzzword of bias. We’ll set the table for employees to unpack the concepts underneath it. This topic helps learners process the idea of unconscious bias so they can move past acknowledging bias and into real behavioral change.

  • Microagressions

    Provide your employees with an awareness of what microaggressions are and why/how they impact both teams and individuals. You’ll be able to introduce your workforce to different types of microaggressions and guide them through the behaviors and consequences of how they show up at work.

  • Global Cultural Competency

    Global cultural competence is an understanding of practices and values of other cultures that enables employees to work more effectively on global teams. Provide tools for your teams so they can practice global cultural competence in all areas of your business.

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